iPad Goodness

So, I got me an iPad. More out of curiosity than need. But so far it’s pretty impressive. The oddest thing was when the extended family came over and used it to look up places, browse the net, and look at photos while having coffee.

I have a few random thoughts:

  • It’s the perfect device for being hung over in bed and not wanting to leave.
  • You can’t just tap a time in the calendar to make an event there. Odd.
  • The big keyboard is actually pretty good for typing, in that it’s pretty reminiscent of a proper keyboard. Which makes it a little weird for me that you still have to let the OS put in the apostrophes for you.
  • Reeder for iPad is my favorite way to read feeds ever.
  • You can send files to apps if they can handle them - but there’s no built in way to save files to MobileMe or Dropbox or to a central file area. Plenty of apps have made their own way to do it, but it seems like such a common need that you’d think it’d be part of the OS.
  • The spelling correction and replace words options are awesome additions to the predictive text and almost make me sensibly fast at typing. Even the auto correction seems cleverer, spotting places where I skipped a space between words and splitting them up.
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