Space Babies

Is ‘Space Babies’ the new winner of the coveted Doctor Who trophy for a story where someone says the name of the episode in the episode the most times?

I’m guessing ‘Castrovalva’ was the previous winner. Let me just check... Okay, ChatGPT reckons it’s most likely “Power of the Daleks”. We’ll agree to disagree.

It turns out, I think I might be more tolerant than the average person of CGI mouths on adorable babies with cute dialogue. I thought the two main babies came across as genuine characters. The Nanny filter was cute, too, though the amusing synonyms disappointingly dried up sooner than I’d have liked.

My biggest beef with ‘Space Babies’ was just the awkward plot. It felt like only a few slight tweaks earlier in the story might have made the bogeyman revelation land a little more convincingly. But... I suppose that wasn’t really the point. It’s a fun, silly romp of a story with a farting spaceship. Don’t get bogged down in the details. Instead, watch Ruby and the Doctor. That’s where the fun is.

I had a feeling, after watching Gatwa on Sex Education, that he’d be brilliant, but it’s not until this episode that I really saw it. He’s been fun up to this point, but watching him do the “no one is born wrong” speech gave me chills. Maybe I just really like watching people say nice things.

Tom Charman Mastodon