Time Heist

I’ve never been so freaked out by new-Who than when the unfortunate bank-visiting gentleman turned his bald head to reveal that it was now concave instead of convex. Yeesh.

This serves to make the Teller a much scarier creature than he otherwise would be… and he would have been pretty scary in his own right. That’s some seriously awesome monster work there. I think it might be the best of its kind from Doctor Who ever. Hopefully they get to re-use it one day.

The story is not as good as these visual triumphs, but I still found it fun. The opening, in particular, was particularly intriguing in a way that so many of the pre-titles sequences don’t quite manage to be. And I like a story where the Doctor has a plan, though it’s slightly diluted here, where he doesn’t realise he had one until the end.

This is perhaps one of the less interesting stories this year… but for what it is, it’s really well executed. And it’s from the guy who gave us ‘Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS’ last time he sat in front of a keyboard. So if his story is good this year, I reckon that’s a good omen.

Oh alright, I know it is, I’m writing this four episodes later. Shhh.

Tom Charman Mastodon