Things I Almost Said on Facebook, Part One

You know how it is. You see something really irritating written by a friend of a friend on Facebook, so you write an argument against it, read over it a hundred times, and then at the end realise that starting an argument with someone you only know through a friend seems a little rude.

So, it’s here instead. About voting.

Surely not casting a vote or donkey voting is as useful a way of deciding the future of the nation as refusing to choose what you want for dinner is at getting yourself fed, i.e. not very.

I agree donkey voting is a waste of people’s time. But surely encouraging people to vote properly is the answer to that, not stopping them from doing it?

If compulsory voting encourages more people to be informed about their country’s politics then it sounds good to me. I say this as someone who’s uninformed about his country’s politics.

Tom Charman Mastodon