The Face of Evil

Games Mar 9, 2012

So, I get my Mass Effect 3 home, finally, and go to squeeze in a few minutes before bed. And of course, there’s that horrible moment of paranoia as it looks for your saved games from Mass Effect 2. But it found them, and everything was good.

Until face time. His history was there, his memories were there… but where was my ugly, broken-nosed Shepard? Well, apparently:

There’s a little more detail at Gamefront.

Nice one, BioWare. You managed to make a bug that specifically targets the people who presumably care about their character’s face the most. I didn’t really expect to mind, but I tried playing with default-handsome-face and even an attempt at recreating my Shepard from memory, and both were horrible and wrong. So I’m waiting. Hopefully, not for long.

Or, I guess I could do this. Argh.

UPDATE: I did that.


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