Steely Man

A few quick thoughts on Man of Steel.

Wanton destruction. I’m surprised to see a movie pull the kind of over-the-top mindless destruction that this did. Surely a modern audience is going to find it hard to ignore the horrendous implied body-count while they watch an ultimately popcorn-level film about two super-beings hitting each other? Well, I did, in any case. Definitely this movie’s biggest flaw.

Russell Crowe, Amy Adams, Henry Cavill, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane. Brilliant cast. In places, they had to say some really average dialogue, but they were brilliant. Lois even got to do useful things and wear pants. I’m not convinced that Cavill quite looks nerdy enough in glasses, but I guess he has a few years to practice before he needs to do any serious Clarking.

Structure. Really quite interesting, I thought. Kept a brisk pace while filling in a lot of fascinating Superman vignettes. Not a problem at all. Of course, then the film decides that stupid loud action is the one thing that needs to be dwelt on at all costs. That’s a bit unfortunate, because it really doesn’t.

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