So, it turns out that there’s less time for writing when you’re actually on holiday. Who knew? So, let me talk a bit about Easter weekend in Singapore. Singapore is hot, humid and full of shops. So on reflection I’m kind of surprised that I enjoyed it. A good introduction by friends helped a lot, as did the near-perfect public transport system. Singapore looks fantastic, with crazy-ass buildings alongside older buildings from the British colonial days.

We stayed at the Furama Riverfront, which was decent, though I warn any potential clients to avoid the moderately delicious but ridiculously overpriced buffet dinner in their Square restaurant. We had a far more awesome dinner at Banana Leaf in little India… with free potatoes! Everyone loves potatoes.

The museum/chapel at Changi was worth visiting too. Moving and informative, with a pretty good audio guide available, including interviews with survivors. When we arrived, the place was deadly silent, with people wandering about, headphones in. This suddenly changed when a massive group of people not doing the audio tour piled in and started waffling on pretty intensely. Luckily a more irritable person than I was on hand to shush them.

It’s the little things when travelling that really jump out at me. Like the taps in Singapore that twist inwards on either side, seemingly designed to scald those of us coming from lands of more sensible same-direction taps.

More to come. Probably.

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