Metro on track for $2m bonus

Public Transport Dec 13, 2011

Metro on track for $2m bonus

“You have to ask yourself, what’s more likely—has Metro suddenly and miraculously improved train services or have the timetables and travel times been reworked to give the impression of improvement?” said Fiona Richardson, the state opposition’s spokeswoman for transport.

I’ve been over-thinking “on time” as a concept all my life, apparently. If someone managed to re-work the timetables so that trains come when they’ve said they’re going to, then surely this is only upsetting if we’re somehow awarding train operators for the degree of difficulty of their timetables?

Oh my, that 2.17 Frankston train is on time. Which is impressive in itself, but when you consider that it had change in one minute from a Sandringham train, spin three times, and do a double axel... simply magnificent. 7 points.


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