Bad connections

If it’s your job to design a connector there are very few axes on which you can excel. And you would think it’s like: I want to be a good connector designer! What do you even have to think about except for these exact very issues? […]

There’s reliability, there’s fulfilling the spec, and there’s I’ve gotta plug it in and unplug it all the time. Don’t make that a pain in the butt! That’s what your job is! You’re a connector designer! I don’t know how how these people sleep at night. I sure did a good job designing that connector. How? How are you measuring yourselves? […]

I hope they suffer their entire lives getting their connections wrong and fumbling with their cameras.

A classic rant about the never-ending parade of fiddly, non-reversible USB connectors from John Siracusa on episode 30 of the Accidental Tech Podcast.

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