Frustrations of a casual gamer with Diablo III

  1. Weekly server maintenance on the US servers happens in the Australian evening. This isn’t so bad though: at least I have the occasional productive weekday evening.
  2. You have to start playing on the rarely challenging Normal difficulty to begin with. For most games I won’t get past 3 playthroughs, tops, and I have to waste one like this.
  3. You only unlock the next difficulty level on a per-character basis. So if after finishing the game with one class, I want to then try another class, well, it’s back to Normal for me. In order to try out all the characters on a sensible difficulty level, I’m going to have to play through 10 times. As previously mentioned, this is unlikely to occur.
  4. It doesn’t remember which bits of maps you’ve covered and which bad guys you’ve killed. This is totally awesome if you’re into dynamically generated, ever-populated worlds and annoying if you just want to finish something.
  5. It disconnects you from the server and loses what you’re doing if you leave it alone. This was the super-irritating thing that made me write this freaking list.
  6. Most of the pain-in-the-arse elements mentioned above are a side-effect of wanting to avoid cheating… in a co-op game. Who gives a fuck?[^1]
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