I’ve been running a lot recently. There’s an awesome feeling you get after running over eighteen kilometres and feeling kind of decent afterwards. So very capable! Like I’ve levelled up in running or something.

Meanwhile, I tried to write a tiny tiny thing about The Avengers the other day and failed miserably, spouting cliches (you know, ones like “spouting cliches”) and generally being annoying to myself. I chose to spare my two or three readers that pain.

So I’ve decided I need to practice more. Baby steps at first, but I’ll be trying to write something about something every day for a while. I’m scared of this plan, so it seems worth a go.

Not sure if I’ll write about The Avengers though. Everyone seems to be saying exactly what I would have. Um, it’s good. And I’ve never liked the Hulk at all, but I’m this film, he was damn near my favourite Avenger. So that’s impressive.

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