Don't use the lightsaber!

Don't use the lightsaber!

5by5’s geek culture podcast does Return of the Jedi. The last film of the original trilogy gets a lot of flack, but in this second part of their discussion, they talk at length about the confrontation between Luke, Vader and the Emperor. This made a big impression on me as a kid: I can close my eyes even now, hear the choral music as an enraged Luke attacks his father, and feel a lump in my throat.[1]

Despite loving this bit, what I hadn’t thought about much (until this podcast) was how cleverly structured the confrontation is: the usual “I’ll tell you my evil plan” and “I won’t kill you but I should” and “violence isn’t always the answer” tropes actually all make sense here.

So, thanks to the folks at the Incomparable for reminding me how awesome Jedi is. Ewoks and all.

  1. I should get that checked out. ↩︎

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