Dark Water

TV Nov 8, 2014

Talking about part ones is a mug’s game. Too much about ‘Dark Water’ is riding on Moffat sticking the landing with 'Death in Heaven’. So, without trying to judge the whole thing, here are a few things I really liked, which are totally worth writing down a few hours before part two.

  • There are some big surprises in this episode, but the biggest and most shocking ones are nothing to do with Missy, and instead happen right at the beginning. I never expected them to try anything like that–which is always gratifying on a show that has a tendency to become predictable.
  • “Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?”
  • Hilarious evil bureaucrats. It’s hard to go wrong.
  • The cyber-doors, complete with musical sting.
  • Missy. So glad she didn’t turn out to be Romana, or Susan, or something annoying like that.


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