Crowning Sherlock

Crowning Sherlock

Gosh, the world is depressing right now. Not that worse things haven’t happened before, but apparently I had some emotional investment riding on the idea that the USA had broadly sensible leadership. This was clearly a mistake.

Let’s talk about television instead.


I am a little bit over stories happening because of the main characters, rather than just being stories that the characters walk into. I feel like (probably not true) it used to be a rarity and therefore really, really exciting when it happened. Now, it happens all the time, and just serves to make their fictional universe feel smaller and smaller.

I guess what I’m saying is, The Final Problem didn’t really work for me. A thrilling and pacy start, for sure, and the acting is always good, but then it just felt slacker, and slacker, and did not stick the landing. The Molly scene was good, but then as a clever person said to me, you could have spent more than two minutes on some of those ideas, and it would probably have been more interesting than what followed.

Perhaps it’s time to revise the format? I don’t feel like any of the stories this year really needed 90 minutes. But then, I hear this may be the end of it. In which case, I kind of wish they hadn't ended on a cheesy, slow motion, drawn-out monologue. Or, for that matter, killed a certain character at all.

The Crown

This show is very pretty, and usually well-written. There are some odd moments when I feel like they haven’t quite managed to take me along with Elizabeth’s decision-making, and I end up being baffled as to why anyone would act as she does. The answer is usually “tradition”.

But there's more important things to talk about here. Look at the positioning of the “THE” in the title card here:

The Crown Logo

Ugh. I know it’s technically correctly centred, but it frustrates me every time. Someone in their promotional department agrees, as you’ll often see a more aesthetically-aligned version in other material:

The Crown ad

Obviously, this is top of my wishlist for season two.

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