I Heart GPX

I Heart GPX

I Heart GPX is no longer on the App Store as workouts from the Apple Watch now include heart-rate data when exported to Strava, so I don't see a need for this any more.

An app for adding heart rate info from iOS’s ‘Health’ repository to GPX files.

  • Did your running app crash half-way and lose your heart rate?
  • Do you just like using the Apple Watch activity app, but still want to get heart rate info onto Strava or Runkeeper?
  • In short—do you have heart rate information in Health that you want to see on your run?

I Heart GPX will take a GPX file and check your heart rate data in Health to see if you can attach any of it to that GPX. Then it'll let you save a new copy of that file with the data included.

It should preserve the GPX features below in the exported file; if there's something missing from your export, feel free to send me an example of the input file and I should be able to make a fix.

  • Cadence
  • Ambient temperature
  • Elevation
  • Heart rate

Please tweet at thegr8escapism for support!

Privacy Policy

I have no interest in your heart rate data, and this app does not collect it.

For the app to work, it requires access to your heart rate information. It only uses this access when you give it a GPX file to examine. When you do:

  1. It looks for heart rate information in Health for the period covered by that GPX file
  2. It attaches it to a new GPX file which is stores in a file cache (that I do not have access to)
  3. It saves a copy of the new file wherever you ask it to

The cached GPX file, with your heart rate data in it, sits in your phone’s cache and will not go anywhere else. No data whatsoever is sent out of the application except when you export it.

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